Frequently Asked Questions

What is PALS and how do I know if my child will benefit from it?

The Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) is a week-long summer program where a diverse group of high school students are invited to exercise their leadership abilities, while forming meaningful friendships and working together to build more compassionate schools and communities. PALS is a safe and judgement-free environment where students share their personal experiences and find commonalities among their peers. Every former students has rated this program within the 90th percentile. Most students gain so much that they’ve returned for a second year, and many for a third.  

How is PALS Beneficial to students?

Since 2014, PALS has created a network of hundreds of students that have become peer mentors, college roommates, confidants, and have made a lifelong pledge to be leaders and upstanders rather than bystanders. Experiencing life on a college campus gives students insight into college life, while the PALS curriculum simultaneously prepares them in the areas of critical thinking, interpersonal skills, how to search for grants and scholarships, and the importance of building a community, and learning who their tribe is. 

Who is Eligible to Attend PALS?

PALS is beneficial and appropriate for students with a certain level of maturity. The program welcomes any high school student who genuinely wants to participate. 

What if I want to leave early? Do I have to stay the entire time?

Preferably, yes! Students registered for PALS should be able to attend the entire event. If a circumstance does arise that will prevent your child from attending PALS in its entirety, please contact our director to make special arrangements to leave for a summer class, performance, or scheduled vacation. or 954-866-5880.

What form of payments do you accept?

All fees can be paid through our website. We use four payment platforms (PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, and Cash App) that accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, including Debit Cards. Checks and money orders can be mailed to NVEEE, PO Box 23837, Fort Lauderdale FL, 33307.  Cash or check may only be delivered by hand during one of our monthly PALS information sessions. To send payments via Venmo or Cash App, contact our office at or 954-866-5880.

What are the living accommodations?

On each campus, students are separated by sex on different floors or halls. All students must bring their own sheets, towels, toiletries, and if desired, a small appliances (microwave). At UCF in Orlando, students reside in Libra Community where four or five residents occupy a two or three bedroom suite with bathroom. At FIU in Miami, students reside in Everglades Hall where three students share a suite with single private rooms, and students share one bathroom. The stove is restricted from use but there is a full-size refrigerator (only at FIU dorms) with cabinets for food storage. At Georgetown in Washington D.C., two students share a single room and there are communal bathrooms. 

What do I do if I have specific restrictions such as dietary needs or a sleeping disorder?

If you are in need of special accommodations in regards to dietary needs or any other health requirements, please note this in your application. As for sleeping disorders, be sure to mention this information to your designated Junior Counselor, who will be in contact with you in advance of PALS. 

Can I receive community service hours?


Can parents follow the progress of PALS via social media?

ABSOLUTELY! Our PR team will send out updates and photos throughout the summit on several platforms: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:   

Are parents allowed to volunteer?

ABSOLUTELY! We will have a list of volunteer needs as we approach the event. 

If I submit an application with the application fee, am I automatically eligible to attend?

Once you submit the application with the application fee, your place at PALS is reserved until your application is reviewed and you are either granted or denied eligibility.  If you are denied eligibility, your application fee can be refunded. Denials usually happen when its evident that the student doesn’t want to, or are being forced to attend by a parent, by essentially submitting a blank application. 

What does the program and housing fee cover?

The program and housing fee covers housing for the week with designated Resident Assistants. It also covers program expenses, including presenters, t-shirt, materials, classroom usage, activity fees, and any ground transportation during the event.  Registration and program fee do not cover the following: airfare, visa/passport expenses, spending money, transportation to and from the summit.

I secured a Sponsor. How do they submit payment?

First of all, congratulations! That’s a big accomplishment. Sponsors can call the Executive Director at 954-866-5880 to submit their payment for the sponsored student. For checks and money orders, sponsors can make out the check to NVEEE and put the sponsored students name in the memo line, and mail the payment to: NVEEE, PO Box 23837, Fort Lauderdale FL, 33307

Are there meal plan options?

Yes. At UCF, pre-selected meals are included in the program cost for the 2020 year. At FIU, the meal plan is $250. At Georgetown, the meal plan is $200. It covers a pre-selected breakfast, lunch and dinner. If a student has severe food allergies or a very limited diet, they can make alternative arrangements by contacting the Director at or 954-866-5880.

Is there a dress code for PALS?

Students will be provided with one PALS t-shirt to wear on one day during the summit. The dress code adheres to the same policy as the local public school board. Students will want to bring a dressier outfit for the themed prom/dance, a semi-professional outfit for Career Day. For more detailed information on the dress code for special events like prom and Artists Against Bullying, refer to the website. 

What type of food should I bring and how much should I bring?

It is highly suggested that students bring snacks, bottled water, or any specialty food items they made need throughout the summit. 

May I come visit my child?

Of course. However, this experience is to prepare them for life after high school. in order for your child to reap the benefits of the entire summit, we suggest allowing them the opportunity to experience on-campus living without helicopter-style parental supervision. They should check in with you by phone daily, and you can always schedule a time to meet if necessary. There are at least ten adult chaperones, counselors and staff members to supervise your teens. You may Facetime or Skype them during their breaks and before bed. Keep in mind that we will be in classrooms most of the day or doing hands on activities where they are not allowed use of their cell phones. However, if an emergency does arise, please contact Jowharah Sanders at or 954-866-5880.

Can students leave campus during an activity and come back?

We want to ensure that every student has the opportunity to fully enjoy every activity that we have to offer. To make that possible, if your student ever needs off-campus items from a neighboring store, a Sr. or Jr. Counselor will be appointed to get what they need.

What if a student needs to take prescribed medication?

Make sure any medications are listed on the appropriate section of the application.  If you would prefer a Sr. counselors member to dispense a student’s prescribed medication to them, arrangements can be made.  Please contact Jowharah Sanders at or 954-866-5880. 

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