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Partnering with NVEEE creates the opportunity for your network, family members, social group, colleagues and employees to engage more deeply in their communities. What you do today will create a lasting ripple effect of positivity and change as you connect your brand to a unique and trusted nonprofit.

Your dedication to social responsibility provides students with leadership development, mentoring, volunteer experiences, and the opportunity to attend safer and more tolerant schools where being an upstander against bullying, harassment and alienation, isn’t a suggestion, it’s a way of life.  


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Partnership Options

Non-Profit & Community Partners

Whether we participate in joint events, volunteer opportunities, share meeting space, or collaborate on special projects, community partnerships are integral to an organization’s success.

For-Profit Partners

Whether you are a family-owned business or a small or large corporation, your partnership matters to us. There are many ways of getting involved, including encouraging your team members to volunteer with us by providing them with incentives, offering benefits to our members or participants from your organization, or sharing about our work with your internal or social media networks.


Top 10 Benefits

  1. Increase employee engagement, morale and retention
  2. Increase customer and brand loyalty
  3. Draw media attention and coverage for free
  4. Provide a motivating purpose for your company and employees
  5. Increase employee skill development, team building, leadership
  6. Attract new business partners and relationships
  7. Generate recognition for the good you create in society

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