About PALS 2022 & Who Should Attend

PALS is open to high school students (ages 14-18) and is a dynamic leadership development experience, co-facilitated by trained youth leaders, where students earn service hours, enjoy university campus life, and receive an intense focus on leadership, college and career preparation, and more. Many students attend at least two sessions of PALS because every experience is different. Plus, it’s a GREAT way to visit a college campus and get an in-depth look into their school atmosphere, classrooms, on-campus services, housing, and even dining options. Students also participate in activities designed to model self-care practices, personal development, and increase self-esteem. Daily community service projects, discussions about relevant social justice movements, and activities that engage students in thinking strategically, communicating actively, powerfully, and collaboratively to make a positive impact.

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Learn about the benefits of PALS from students who previously attended and are now Jr. Counselors. Sessions are from 11am – 12pm.

South Florida: Quest Workspaces • 150 S. Pine Island Rd, Suite 300, Plantation. Dates TBD: RSVP HERE.

Orlando: UCF College of Health Professions and Sciences;12805 Pegasus Dr, Room 363, Orlando. Dates: TBD. RSVP HERE.

College & Career Panel

​Learn from panelists consisting of recent high school graduates, current college students, and college graduates about the best courses to take in high school, vocational programs, college applications, top scholarship sites, benefits of community service, pitfalls of students loans, internships, and expectations around job placement after graduation. Panelists attend top FL & out of state universities, including UF, FSU, UCF, FIU, UM, NYU, and more.

 Interactive and Tailored Workshops

Students develop their leadership skills during an on-campus, “college life” experience, where they stay in dormitories and attend engaging workshops on topics such as:

  • civic engagement
  • in-depth college/career readiness
  • public speaking
  • personal branding
  • healthy relationships
  • self-esteem
  • gender/orientation
  • empathy
  • team building
  • self-care and mental health

Educational Trips & Tours in Washington D.C.

Students attending PALS on the Hill have the opportunity to meet with Senators and Representatives from their home State to share about their passions, efforts, and community involvement; learn from current interns and staff about personal branding and working in public service; go on day and evening tours of museums and national monuments, and receive digital media training with hands-on exploration, while filming a PSA with our Digital Media Partner, Comcast/NBCUniversal.

Jr. & Sr. Counselors + Safety

Before PALS, counselors receive mandatory and extensive monthly training, participate in leading workshops, and receive mentoring from Sr. Counselors. During PALS, Jr. Counselors assist Sr. Counselors in the daily administration by: performing daily head-counts of delegates, tracking medical conditions/food allergies, ensuring the well-being and safety of students assigned to their group, guiding games and activities, providing feedback during nightly meetings, completing paperwork and maintaining daily logs, and creating a fun and safe environment. Theres 24-hour adult supervision, campus security, and trained therapists. Adult to student ratio is 1:10 with additional volunteers on site.

Dorm Housing

On each campus, students are separated by sex on different floors or halls. All students must bring their own sheets, towels, toiletries, and if desired, a small appliances (microwave). At UCF in Orlando, students reside in Libra Community where four or five residents occupy a two or three bedroom suite with bathroom. At FIU in Miami, students reside in Everglades Hall where three students share a suite with single private rooms, and students share one bathroom. The stove is restricted from use but there is a full-size refrigerator (only at FIU dorms) with cabinets for food storage. At Georgetown in Washington D.C., two students share a single room and there are communal bathrooms. 

PALS Alumni Corner

Pricing & Registration

Pricing below is inclusive of the housing, registration, program and activity fees, tshirts, and private bus transportation if trips are offered.

Featured Talks & Speakers

Although each PALS location offers workshops based on its specific theme, all students will have exposure to interactive workshops on learning their leadership styles; enhancing their public speaking and communication skills; developing empathy; time management; life-skills; team building; experiential learning; college and career preparation; and mental health and self care.


Grisel d’Elena, M.A.’14,16

College Academic Advisor (FIU Honors College)


Dayliset Rielo, Esq

Harvard Law Professor • Criminal Justice Attorney

Various Dates & Times • UCF • FIU • GU

Jowharah Sanders

Bullying & Suicide Prevention • Nonprofit Development 


Hara Wachholder, LMHC

Understanding Teen Behavioral & Mental Health (Specializing in anxiety, addiction, self-esteem, depression, family conflict, and more.)

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