Yakira Chu

Yakira Chu serves as the Asst. Program Manager for the Mentoring and Peace Ambassador Leadership Program for NVEEE. With a background in Science and Behavioral Forensic Analysis, she has been employed by both Florida State University and Florida International University. She was a case manager for an educational institution for troubled adolescents; held positions as a family intervention specialist serving children infant to age 18 who dealt with serious emotional and behavioral problems; specialized in diverting youth from out-of-home placements such as residential treatment facilities, foster homes, psychiatric residential treatment centers, hospitals or group homes; and successfully reuniting children with their families in communities even when the child has been out of the home for an extended period. The services were tailored to meet each family’s needs, while measuring treatment progress through ongoing assessment and review.  Ms. Chu is currently working on a PhD in International Psychology with a concentration on systems and organizations.