Support Services

Direct Aide & Support

NVEEE provide services to bullies, targets of bullying, youths in crisis, and the community by providing:

1.                 Immediate Assistance:


Identify the Situation

    • Obtain facts

    • Explore possible solutions

    • Contact parents, school, or proper authority

    • Take appropriate action

Emotional and Psychological Support

    • Access to a network of doctors and counselors

2.             Continuing Support:


Appropriate Referrals

    • Educational services

    • Support groups

    • Health care professionals

    • Legal service providers

Periodic Follow-up and Evaluations


3.          Educational Services:

School and Communities

    • Workshops

    • Presentations

    • Mentoring Programs

Signature Campaigns

    • “Not On My Watch” campaign

    • “Peace for a Day” campaign

In the AFTERMATH of a traumatic event, NVEEE provides:


Continuing Support


Raising Community Support

    • Fundraising

    • Media Awareness

    • As-needed services

      • Coordinating community outreach

      • Rental relocation

      • Obtaining handicap stickers

      • Locating private transportation to and from hospital

      • Locating rehabilitation centers

Appropriate Referrals

    • Support Groups

    • Health Care professionals

    • Legal Service Providers