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Sponsorship Options

On Sunday, July 9th, join us for a “Brunch and Bowl to Strike Out Bullying” networking event, in order to raise money to send 30 high school students to NVEEE’s Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS). PALS is a weeklong leadership and development program. Students live on Florida International University campus in dorms and earn 50 service hours towards graduation. On Career Day teens receive training on how to find college scholarships and they will have one on one time with people that work in their desired fields i.e: Engineering, Communications, etc. Our Life Skills workshop details how to save money, build credit, buy transportation, finding an apartment, and creating a monthly budget. Workshops on building self-esteem and dealing with all forms of bullying and even suicidal ideation is always a priority for us. Click HERE for additional detailed information about PALS. 

All donations are tax deductible to the full extinct allowed by law.

Here’s how it works: The cost of attending PALS is $350 for each student (not including meals). Tickets to bowl are $35. Each lane holds 5 bowlers. This means every two lanes with 5 people on them will pay for one student to attend PALS. This will provide the student with almost a full scholarship because there are still costs to renting the lanes. Even if they receive a scholarship, they are required to contribute a small amount because we believe in holding them accountable for showing up and having skin in the game.

Donation Request: We are seeking donations of gift certificates, gift cards, and items from businesses to use in our silent auction. Please email info@NVEEE.org or call 954.866.5880.

Social Media: Join the Facebook event page to keep up to date with auction items and any exciting news.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don’t have any friends coming with me? Who will I bowl with?

A: Great Question! We’ve got you covered. Strike Out Bullying is also a networking event, therefore, we will place you on a team when you arrive. You’ll make a minimum of 4 new friends.

Q: What if I have 9 friends coming with me and we want to raise money for a specific student on our two lanes?

A. You’re so kind. Absolutely. Our goal is to sponsor as many students as possible, therefore, there are a few ways we can handle this. We have a list of students needing sponsorship, but if you know of a student in high school (14-19 yrs old) that would benefit from our leadership program, you can have them fill out the application and we will put the funds raised by these lanes towards their scholarship. The application for students to fill out is here.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to meet the student we are fundraising for?

A: YES! All students receiving sponsorship are required to attend Strike Out Bullying.