Starting a Peace Ambassador Society on College/University Campuses

What Makes this Club Different From Others

This club is meant to bridge the gap between the university campus and the surrounding community by offering different volunteer opportunities, off campus outreach efforts and anti-bullying mentoring programs. All our members meet weekly for planning events, fundraisers, awareness. We offer monthly training sessions on bullying prevention.

Benefits to Student Members of the Peace Ambassador Society

    • Service hours
    • Primary selection for internship opportunities
    • Experience working within youth in school systems
    • Mentor youth that want to join the (teen) Peace Ambassador Leadership Program
    • Participate in social justice events that support campus and student safety, including but limited to topics such as: educating college students on rape culture, hazing and bullying prevention, sexual harassment, suicide prevention, racial + ethnic bullying, cyber safety, stalking, etc. 
Benefits to the University

    • Bystander intervention
    • Reduces instances of hazing
    • Improves college campus safety
    • Creates solidarity among the student body
    • Engages students in positive social campaigns
    • Raises awareness of the services the college offers
    • Nationwide recruitment opportunity from high school students in the Peace Ambassador Society