2019 Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) DATES

University of Central Florida | June 23-26 | Deadline: June 16 | Fees: $275 with Meals

Florida International University | July 14-21 | Deadline: June 30 | Fees: $370 (Meal Plan Separate)

For detailed information visit our dedicated conference website www.PALSconference.org

Although the deadline is in June, both sessions of PALS are quick to fill up. Register early before we are at capacity. 

NVEEE’s Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) is a place where high school students develop their leadership and interpersonal skills in a real-life setting, among their peers. PALS is an experience hosted in partnership with the Honors College at FIU and University of Central Florida. Students earn service hours, stay in the dorms, and receive an intensive focus on communication skills, developing empathy, life skills, public speaking, have access to college scholarships/ career prep. information, self-care practices, personal development, building self-esteem, community service projects, discuss relevant social justice movements, gain valuable leadership and interpersonal skills, and participate in fun activities involving art, movies, talent shows, and even a prom.

PALS in Miami is held at Florida International University (FIU) and is co-sponsored by the Honors College at FIU. This week-long experience is designed to provide a more intensive focus on teaching leadership, diversity and inclusion, building life skills, enhancing self-care techniques and more. Activities on both the UCF and FIU campuses will include our three signature evening events: Art Therapy, Artists Against Bullying Talent Showcase, and a themed Prom night. However, the additional days at FIU leaves room for a pool party, karaoke and movie nights, morning yoga, volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

Workshops on both campuses range from hot topics impacting youth like building positive body image, learning how to take a stand in bullying situations, the importance of mentoring, gun violence in schools, gender and orientation, the #MeToo + #TimesUP movement, life-skills training such as interview skills and resume writing, career/college preparation, searching for scholarships and grants, and more. Students also leave with tools to help them succeed in their education and career paths after our signature Career Day (at both UCF and FIU), as well as a heightened sense of respect for the opinions of others.


PALS is open to all students and we welcome participants from around the world, however, keep in mind that the program is delivered only in English. However, many of our students speak second and third languages such as: Spanish, Creole, French, German, and American Sign Language.  To date, PALS has impacted over 500 participants and takes pride in the fact that our students are diverse not only in ethnicity, but also in gender identity/expression, and socioeconomic status. Everyone is treated with kindness and respect.


Florida International University | 11200 SW 8th Street. Miami, FL 33199   •   University of Central Florida | 4000 Central Florida Blvd, Orlando, FL 32816


At UCF, students will stay in Libra Community dorms.  It is comprised of four two-story buildings with suite-style floor plans, in which four or five residents occupy a two or three bedroom suite. Each suite includes a shared bathroom and an unfurnished living space. Students are allowed to bring small appliances, including a microwave.

At FIU, students stay in Everglades Hall dorms (conference summer housing) where there’s no co-mingling with college students, as students are separated by sex, on different floors. There will be three students per apartment. All rooms are single rooms behind a closed door. There is one bathroom with a shower, and two sinks. All students must bring their own sheets, towels, and toiletries. There is no stove-top but there is a full-size refrigerator with cabinets for food storage. With prior permission, students can bring a small microwave and other appliances, as they are not provided. Students must be willing to share those items with their roommates as space is limited and only one of each item will be allowed.


All events are held on campus. There won’t be a reason for your student to need transportation anywhere. If there is an emergency and a student needs something from the grocery store or pharmacy, or need to purchase something they left behind, a member of the Sr. Staff team will contact their parents if necessary, or drive across the street to the grocery store, pharmacy, or department store to obtain the item. Students often times forget their pillows, toothbrushes or are on dietary restrictions and need something specific. Try not to worry too much. We will take care of your children as if they were on our own.


The student as a whole person is our primary concern. Therefore, in regards to their physical safety, there will be 24-hour adult supervision, security and first-aid personnel (certified CPR) will always be on site. We are also next door to the on-campus Miami-Dade Police Station. Our students emotional and psychological well-being are extremely important as well. We have trained therapists, social workers, and more importantly, we have moms and grandma’s on staff.  We want your child to feel like they are at home away from home.

Adult to student ratio is 1:10 with additional volunteers on site at all times.


Students that attend PALS at FIU will earn 50 volunteer hours.Students that attend PALS at UCF will earn 30 volunteer hours. Please bring your form to PALS to be signed. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!