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What is the Peace Ambassador Leadership Program?

In 2010, NVEEE launched the Peace Ambassador Leadership Program (PALP) as way to train students to become leaders and   upstanders, in addition to learning to co-facilitate NVEEE’s signature Be Upstanding™ Bullying Prevention Program workshops in K-12 schools. Studies have shown that youth are more likely to listen and respond to other youth in educational interventions, setting the stage for them to serve as role models and change makers.

Once a month students meet with trained professionals to develop leadership and conflict resolution skills, participate in service learning projects, increase self esteem and personal development, enhance public speaking skills, and most of all, students learn to show empathy, tolerance, and respect for others. The results have been extraordinary with a 100% success rate for graduation and college acceptance.

Benefits to Students:

  1. Service hours for all meetings, trainings, and activities, etc.
  2. Learn leadership skills
  3. Learn professional writing and presentation development skills
  4. How to create a lasting impact in society
  5. Learn how to develop and deliver elevator pitches
  6. Attend monthly outings
  7. Problem solving and interpersonal skills
  8. Learn marketing and public relation skills
  9. Learn how to research and write small grants
  10. Learn Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer communication
  11. Develop ability to lead workshops and enhance your public speaking skills
Additional Benefits

Peace Ambassadors are encouraged to speak out about bullying and teen suicide by encouraging their schools to engage in prevention education. Ambassadors, with the approval of parent/guardian and school counselor, may receive an excused absence in order to co-facilitate NVEEE’s Be Upstanding™ curriculum at a different school or community center, as part of their Service Learning requirement or Senior Projects or for volunteer hours.

Being named a Peace Ambassador means you have been trained and are now designated a leader within the organization, and is also eligible to apply to the NVEEE Youth Advisory Council. Meetings are held monthly.

Each year 20 Peace Ambassadors are also chosen as Jr. Staffers (Group Leaders) at the Summer Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) hosted by The  Honor’s College at Florida International University.

Peace Ambassadors participate as panelists at the annual “Be Upstanding” Bullying and Suicide Prevention Summit during National Bullying Prevention Month in October and again during National Bullying Prevention Week in November.  

Eligibility to Participate

High school students with positive attitudes and a commitment to helping others can apply to become a NVEEE Peace Ambassador . Other requirements include maintaining a G.P.A of at least 2.5, and low absentee rate in school. Many students that become Peace Ambassadors have the ability to travel to other schools or sponsored events. Parental permission will be required for those under 18. Transportation accommodations are NOT provided to all events.

Service to Others

Equally important, Peace Ambassadors are trained as peer mentors for other students that might need academic, personal or social support. Often times this mentoring can happen virtually, through  phone or social media platforms, and of course they may meet in person if proximity allows.  

Artists Benefits

The Peace Ambassador program encourages students to participate in programs involving the arts. Therefore many of our Ambassadors are performers and have achieved much success in their genres. These Ambassadors perform inspirational original music or cover  songs at the end of each workshop and during our annual fundraising events.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much time will I spend volunteering? Because this is also a leadership training program, Peace Ambassadors are encouraged to volunteer for at least 5 hours per month outside of scheduled meetings which will count towards your community service requirement for graduation.  You are are expected to remain in this role for one calendar year, or at a minimum, the remaining part of school year when you were accepted into the program.

Is there a fee for students to participate? No. However, there are minimal costs you will incur such as meals, travel and t-shirts, but we encourage the group to research grants and fundraise in order to cut costs.

Does this program extend outside the State of Florida. Yes. After school programs that work with teenagers and offer service opportunities, or can recommend opportunities to students, are ideal for participating in this program. You can download the monthly activities and follow along with what we are doing in South Florida. When you are ready to license the program, contact us at 954.866.5880.

When are the trainings?   Trainings classes are held on a quarterly basis.  September – December  and January – April

How do I know I will like this program? If you would like testimonials fro other students, visit, email or contact our director at 954.866.5880.