In a perfect world, NVEEE’s primary goal would be to prevent any act of violence from ever being committed by or against children. We would like to see no child suffer in solitude or pain; just live happy and productive lives. However, to be realistic, we understand that bullying is not a new phenomenon; therefore we are not here to propose that we have the ultimate solution to an age-old problem. What we do offer is our support to those who have been affected by bullying, hate crimes, and other heinous acts, while providing preventive measures to those who are current or reform perpetrators…and to keep it from happening again.

NVEEE’s work falls into three main categories: research, education, and development of proactive responses. Our research, education and outreach activities will be aimed towards promoting changes in the community and educating youth and young adults to help prevent bullying, hate crimes and heinous acts of violence, and respond to victims and community members who require support.