NVEEE's Be Upstanding™ Bullying Prevention Program is Different

NVEEE Teaches Strategies to Prevent Bullying + Social Alienation

Izzy Uses Personal Story to Help Parents with Teens Thinking About Suicide

Sara's Story of Being Bullied by Teachers and Alienated by Peers

Peer-to Peer and Adult-to-Teen Mentoring

For a student dealing with bullying, isolation, or looking for a positive role model, having a mentor can be a life saving experience. Learn More

College Internship Program

“I combined my passion for giving back with my love for communication and the creative aspects of my major. I love this internship. ” Learn More

Youth Advisory Council Open to Teens

We are a diverse youth-led group that advises NVEEE executivies on educational and social matters that students care about most. Learn More

NVEEE's Peace Ambassador Society™

We bridge the gap between the university campus and the surrounding community with outreach efforts and mentoring teens… Learn More


“I want to leave my mark somewhere and I am extremely passionate about anti-bullying because of how it has impacted my life, and just from PALS alone you see how it has an effect on everyone else’s life. We are doing this for a good reason, so I just keep doing it.”


97% of every dollar spent goes directly to support our school and leadership programs.


Why would I recommend someone support NVEEE? “Why wouldn’t you? It’s such an important cause and near and dear to our heart. A lot of companies will donate as a tax write-off. While it’s a huge benefit, it shouldn’t be the only reason…”