Who is Mark Haines and the History Behind

The Mark Haines Media Scholarship


Philanthropist. Entrepreneur. Mentor. Role Model. Pioneer. Mark Haines was the quintessential activist and friend to National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment (NVEEE) – loyal, giving, patient and kind. He was also a prominent leader in the LGBTQ community and founder of the popular website Mark’s List. It’s often said of children that they can be very mean, especially to those who don’t fit in. That was not Mark. Mark was always kind and considerate and maybe that is the reason he always took all anti-bullying campaigns to heart. Mark was NVEEE’s first supporter, sponsor, and became a personal mentor to NVEEE’s founder, Jowharah Sanders.

Mark was a supporter of many nonprofits and was eager to give back by offering marketing, social media, and any advice needed especially within his area of expertise – business development, communications and media. For NVEEE, Mark frequently offered his blood, sweat and tears – from car washes in the very beginning to red carpet galas later on. He wasn’t too well off, too popular, or too out of touch to get his hands dirty, literally. NVEEE’s work was personal to him and his support proved that. It is only fitting that the organization launches its first scholarship program and names it after its first donor, Mark Haines. Likewise, the Mark Haines Media Scholarship is extremely personal to NVEEE and it’s what he would’ve wanted – to empower young people to speak out against bullying, self harm and ultimately to prevent suicide.

Mark Haines, an activist and friend to NVEEE, was killed in a collision while participating in SMART Ride, a two-day, 165-mile bike ride for organizations working with those affected by HIV/AIDS. Two years to the date of his death, we will honor Mark and his memory at our annual Artists Against Bullying Showcase. Winners of the award and scholarship will be invited to attend the event where their work will be featured and celebrated not only by NVEEE’s supporters, but also by Mark’s friends, family and colleagues. Mark’s legacy is simple: “Anything is possible. If you are shy – you can overcome that. If you are overweight—you can lose it. If you set your mind to it—you can accomplish anything. Do not focus on the end—remember the entire day as a whole.” This is what he would have wanted youth dealing with depression, self harm, bullying, harassment, and suicide ideation to remember. Anything is possible especially if you have a great support network.
Join us in celebrating his life and legacy as we give back in a meaningful way.