How To Join Our Youth Advisory Board

NVEEE’s Youth Advisory Board (N-YAB) was created to give teens and youth the opportunity to represent diverse voices and and strengthen the bonds between peers and the community.


The purpose is to provide a forum where you are able to help identify youth-related issues of concern and serve in an advisory capacity by recommending solutions as they relate to NVEEE’s Mission. By providing this vital input,  NVEEE’s Youth Advisory Board allows us to  focus on enhancing our programming.


Our teens are a fundamental part of NVEEE, and are hands-on volunteers, often creating their own NVEEE campaigns to get the word out — Bullying? Not On My Watch!


The Youth Advisory Board let you bring your voice to action through peer mentoring, and service projects.  You can plan and/or attend volunteer opportunities, tackle issues by implementing solutions through service projects, media awareness campaigns and other special events.


All participants must be willing to respect the privacy, and opinions of others.



To join our Youth Advisory Board, please fill out and submit the form below.

We will be in touch with you regarding your interest within 72 hours. Thank You.


For Parents:  N-YAB members are a crucial part of how NVEEE taps into the youth perspective in order to better serve our target demographic by generating insight into how issues of bullying, prevention, and suicide are viewed among the youth of today.  The YAB operates by having youth members (age 13-21) review our materials, offer suggestions for new approaches, and make sure our message stays on point and isn’t presented in a manner which tunes students off instead of tuning them in.  Furthermore through active encouragement of youth participation they increase the base of youth volunteers dedicated to making a difference and through education and bullying prevention.