How To Join Our Parent Advisory Board

What is the Parent Advisory Board?

One of the hallmarks of a quality program focused on bullying and suicide prevention is an active and supportive Parent Advisory Board. The importance of parent involvement cannot be underestimated!

NVEEE has established a Parent Advisory Board (PAB) to provide useful overall guidance, input and perspective to the implementation of our programming. Committee members share their experience and expertise in raising children in the current school culture, bullying prevention and strengthening ties within their school and their communities through their active participation in NVEEE’s PAB Facebook discussion group, development/review of NVEEE written materials, and by providing advice and support to parents in need.

Parent Advisory Board Members are encouraged to:

  • volunteer at NVEEE events

  • support other parents served by NVEEE

  • represent NVEEE within the community


To join our Parents Advisory Board, please fill out and submit the form below.

We will be in touch with you regarding your interest within 72 hours. Thank You.