Direct Services


1) Crisis Intervention 

NVEEE’s direct services offer immediate assistance, advocacy services and trauma resolution support to families and youth directly impacted by crisis due to school bullying, violence, self-injury or suicide. Our crisis intervention team, many of whom are former survivors of trauma, are uniquely qualified to provide both emotional and advocacy support for families and youth. 


2) Mentoring Program 

The mentoring program has served over 40 youth and adults since it’s inception. Our program provides leadership and mentoring, and promotes a wide variety of life skills that include academic achievement, learning appropriate social behaviors and etiquette, self-esteem, empowerment and emotional intelligence, as well as teamwork and interpersonal competencies. (Mentors are screened, receive ongoing training, and must comply to mandatory background and fingerprinting checks.) 


3) After School & Summer Programs

NVEEE provides a structure and resources to initiate school clubs to support students impacted by bullying, violence, or other traumatic experiences in a positive and empowering way. In addition, NVEEE is also a key part of other after school programs who request the unique curriculum and resources of our work to reach youth in foster care, transitional housing, juvenile justice, victims of bullying and hate crimes, among other unmet need groups. 


4) Adopt-a-Class Program

Peace Ambassadors and Mentoring Program youth adopt an entire class in a low income school community and provide guest speakers, social development activities, and NVEEE bullying and violence prevention education on a monthly basis.


5) Support Groups

We have support groups available for both parents and teens affected by bullying, and are accessible in person or online. NVEEE is a pioneer in the creation of virtual, online support groups.