Dayliset Rielo


Dayliset Rielo, Esquire

Board of Directors
August 2014 – Current

Dayliset was born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Along with her immediate family, she migrated to the United States in 1995, and began working hard to learn the American Culture. Being forced to assimilate rather quickly directly lent itself to her personal experience with bullying.

Knowing her whole life that she wanted to be a Criminal Defense Attorney, Dayliset entered law school at Florida A&M University, College of Law. Therein, Dayliset held several internship positions practicing various types of law, including, criminal defense, immigration, loan modification, personal injury, contracts, wills, and construction law. Furthermore, Dayliset participated in a multitude of school organizations such as the Hispanic American Law Student Association, Phi Alpha Delta, Vice President of the Federalist Society and the Christian Legal Society. Now, Dayliset focuses on the areas of Criminal Defense and Constitutional/Civil Rights Violations, both state wide and federally.

However, due to her hard work and dedication, she achieved a high level of success throughout her young academic career. The University of South Florida awarded Dayliset several scholarship opportunities, which she took advantage of and began her collegiate journey with a focus in Criminology. Knowing she was on the fast track to completing an undergraduate degree, Dayliset moved to join her family in South Florida and attended Nova Southeastern University. While at Nova, she was the recipient of several scholarships, including N.S.U.’s Honor Award and an Athletic Scholarship for her participation in the Women’s Cross Country Team. Completing her undergraduate degree in three years, majoring in Legal Studies, Dayliset remained at Nova to later receive her Master’s in Business Administration.

Dayliset draws on her experience of being a multilingual immigrant to the U.S. to inspire youth. Her journey to success has taught her that nothing is too challenging, and nothing is greater than the power of great dreams. She considers herself fortunate to have come from another country, and accomplish her dreams in a foreign land. That’s why she has consistently made it a point to give back to her community. She believes our youth have endless powers, and teaching them right from wrong, specifically the consequences of their negative actions from an early age, is an absolute must.

Today, Dayliset believes that her success in life would not have been realized or made possible without learning from the many challenges faced and obstacles overcome. Her passion to succeed is only rivaled by her desire to help others, and both are fueled by her insatiable and unmatched belief in the power of SELF. With that in mind, Dayliset has found a home with the NVEEE family and she is now fully engaged in the fight to stop bullying. Her commitment to helping our young generation win this fight is centered around her tireless devotion to helping our youth discover the strength that is in each and every one of them.