Founding Board Members:

In 2009, when NVEEE’s founder Jowharah Sanders realized her true purpose, she reached out to the people that had a profound impact in her life, most of whom were friends from her college years at University of Miami.  Her request was simple, yet not: “Let’s build a place where kids can be free to be themselves.”

Jowharah Sanders
Jeffrey Rubinstein
Jessica Saiontz
Charles Jones
Juliana Ruiz
Jennifer Castillo
Dr. Krystal HoSang
Ashley Dadaglio
Ana Rivera
Dr. Nicole Simon
Arthur Johnson
Crys Wilson
Mauricio Jimenez
Amy Alonso
Joy Sierra
Tara Austin

Advisory Board Members:


Dayliset Rielo, Esq.
Yaury Jattin
Jennifer Benoit, LCSW
Alex Wall
Wendy Phillips
Cassidy McMillan