Below is the process to follow.

Step 1: Application:

As of 7/11 we only have 5 spaces available for this highly anticipated event of the year. Students travel from across South Florida to be at this event because of the value they see in the program and the return on investment shows immediately. Students that are shy make friends. Ones that have never thought about standing up for others become more engaged in their communities and schools. Those that have been bullied or ostracized have peers to interact with and get help. They also have more time during the school year because they’ve completed their service hours already. This program is recommended by students and parents 10 out of 10 times.

Step 2: Payments + Scholarships:

All payments are non-refundable.  After submitting the application you have two choices:

  1. Option 1 – Make the full program payment of $370. This covers the $55 application fee + $315 for the program fee. You are now completely paid in full and can move on to step 3. (You may pay $350 in cash, money order or check to save the $20 Paypal fees.)
  2. Option 2 – SCHOLARSHIPS. If you have been awarded a scholarship, please pay at 

Step 3: Release Forms:

All release forms and contracts can be downloaded from this page. Please do not submit release forms until you have completed payment.

$55 Application Fee Reserves Your Spot.

(The full PALS program cost is $370. The $55 application fee is only to reserve your spot. Remember, if you choose this option you need to make some type of payment arrangement for the balance of $315 immediately.)

$370 Application + Program Fee

(Includes $55 App. Fee + $315 Tuition/Housing/Activity Fees. This link also includes a payment plan option different from the Monthly Plan below. In this option, you may pay the $105 increments at any time. For example, you can pay the application fee of $55 today, and every week you can return to pay $105 so that your payment is complete in a shorter amount of time. This is the next best option outside of paying in full because your student will be assigned a room as soon as you pay in full. They’re not fully registered until the $370 is paid in full.) 

OPTIONAL $300 Meal Plan

(This is not mandatory. This fee includes 3 meals per day (plus snacks) from FIU’s on-campus Dining, etc.)

Complete Platinum Package $670

(Includes Mandatory Application & Registration Fees + Optional Meal Plan)