PALS 2017 | JULY 16-23





The Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) is for high school students ages 14-19 who want to learn leadership skills that will serve them throughout their higher education and beyond. The summit is a safe space for students who have been subject or witness to bullying to exercise their leadership abilities while forming meaningful friendships. PALS values diversity and ensures a judgement-free environment for teens to share personal experiences and connect with people from many different walks of life.

Workshops range from those teaching interview skills and resume writing to building positive body image and learning how to take a stand in bullying situations. Between friendly sports competitions, painting, and our annual prom, there is a lot of fun to be had at PALS. Students will leave with tools to help them succeed in their education and career goals as well as a heightened sense of tolerance and respect for others.


PALS is open to all students including those who have either witnessed or experienced bullying at any point in their lives. We welcome participants from around the world, however, keep in mind that the program is delivered in English. Many of our students speak second and third languages such as: Spanish, Creole, French, German, and American Sign Language.  To date, PALS has impacted over 300 students. We take pride in the fact that our students are diverse not only in ethnicity but also in gender identity and socioeconomic status.  Everyone is treated with kindness and respect.


PALS is held on the Florida International University | Modesto Maidique Campus  | 11200 SW 8th Street. Miami, FL 33199


Students are housed in Summer Conference Specific Dorms at Lakeview North, so there’s no mingling with college students, and are separated by sex as they sleep on different floors. There will be four students per apartment. Students will either be alone in a single room behind a closed door, or they will share a larger room with one other person (camp style). There is one bathroom with a shower, but two sinks. All students must bring their own sheets, towels, and toiletries. There is no stovetop but there is a full-size refrigerator with cabinets for all four students to share. With prior permission, students can bring a toaster, small microwave, toaster oven, or coffee pot as they are not provided. Students must be willing to share those items with their roommates as space is limited and only one of each item will be allowed.


All events are held on campus. There won’t be a reason for your student to need transportation anywhere. If there is an emergency and a delegate needs something from the grocery store or pharmacy, or need to purchase something they left behind, a member of the Sr. Staff team will contact their parents if necessary, or drive across the street to the grocery store, pharmacy, or department store to obtain the item. Students often times forget their pillows, toothbrushes or are on dietary restrictions and need something specific. Try not to worry too much. We will take care of your children as if they were on our own.


The student as a whole person is our primary concern. Therefore, in regards to their physical safety, there will be 24-hour adult supervision, security and first-aid personnel (certified CPR) will always be on site. We are also next door to the on-campus Miami-Dade Police Station. Our students emotional and psychological well-being are extremely important as well. We have trained therapists, social workers, and more importantly, we have moms and grandma’s on staff.  We want your child to feel like they are at home away from home.

Adult to student ratio is 1:10 with additional volunteers on site at all times.


Delegates will earn 50 volunteer hours over the course of PALS. If your school requires you to complete a certain number of community service hours in order to earn a graduation credit, please bring your form to PALS to be signed. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!